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How do I know which partitions to wipe to remove fedora but leave my windows partition intact? Do I just remove all non-ntfs partitions?

asked 2016-02-19 06:02:52 -0500

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After a lot of struggle with my fedora problem, I've decided to remove it and start again. From what I've researched, my problem was that fedora had been interrupted mid-update. What this caused was that during bootup the fedora icon would appear, fill up, and then once filled it would freeze with the fedora logo centered in a black background. I could access terminal, however I struggled from there to access my university protected network (easy in a GUI...not so easy in terminal) and run 'yum update'.

So unless anyone has a solution to fix that, I need to remove fedora and install it again later. From Disk Management on Windows 10, which partitions contain fedora so that I might remove it.

Thanks :D

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How is that university network protected? You mean Wifi, right? And you can't find an ethernet plug to connect to?

What version of Fedora are you on? On 22+ you would just run sudo dnf distro-sync after having access to the WWW. No place elsewhere that let's you easily connect?

Where is your initial question to fix the problem?s

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-02-19 11:30:35 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-02-19 11:36:24 -0500

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updated 2016-02-19 11:39:27 -0500

Don't just remove all non-NTFS partitions because you will erase the bootloader on /boot, which will leave you with an non-bootable system.

There should be a proper MS WIndows tool to reinstall Windows Bootloader. (Sorry, no experience with that, just this link here but there should be plenty of information online).

If you want to reinstall Fedora, then just start it from a Live CD/DVD/USB and re-install it without deleting any partitions prior to installation.

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