perl cgi displays text rather than rendering web page

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Apache config is set correctly (I think!). Permissions are set everywhere (as needed) as r-x (read, execute). Still getting plain text displayed when trying to show web page in localhost, for newly-installed bugzilla. Fedora version 23. I get the following, etc., instead of rendered start page for bugzilla:

!/usr/bin/perl -wT

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public

License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this

file, You can obtain one at .


This Source Code Form is "Incompatible With Secondary Licenses", as

defined by the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.


Script Initialization


Make it harder for us to do dangerous things in Perl.

use strict;

Include the Bugzilla CGI and general utility library.

use lib qw(. lib);

use Bugzilla; use Bugzilla::Constants; use Bugzilla::Error; use Bugzilla::Update;

Check whether or not the user is logged in

my $user = Bugzilla->login(LOGIN_OPTIONAL); my $cgi = Bugzilla->cgi; my $template = Bugzilla->template; my $vars = {};

And log out the user if requested. We do this first so that nothing

else accidentally relies on the current login.

if ($cgi->param('logout')) { Bugzilla->logout(); $user = Bugzilla->user; $vars->{'message'} = "logged_out"; # Make sure that templates or other code doesn't get confused about this. $cgi->delete('logout'); }


Main Body Execution


Return the appropriate HTTP response headers.

print $cgi->header();

if ($user->in_group('admin')) { # If 'urlbase' is not set, display the Welcome page. unless (Bugzilla->params->{'urlbase'}) { $template->process('welcome-admin.html.tmpl') || ThrowTemplateError($template->error()); exit; } # Inform the administrator about new releases, if any. $vars->{'release'} = Bugzilla::Update::get_notifications(); }

Generate and return the UI (HTML page) from the appropriate template.

$template->process("index.html.tmpl", $vars) || ThrowTemplateError($template->error());

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