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Problem With Terminal

asked 2016-02-09 09:21:35 -0500

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updated 2016-02-09 09:22:46 -0500

Hi, I recently installed F23. I tried to install stuff to lyx (Hebrew support etc), and during installation I lost internet connection or something, and the installation process got stuck.

Since then, whenever I opened Software it showed the program as if in process of installation, but never finished. What's worse was that whenever I opened the Terminal, it opened a non-working lyx document. I tried restarting the system, and found out that this lyx file is now opening at system startup, immediately after login and before anything else, so I guess it's all related. I uninstalled lyx entirely, but now I have a reminiscent junk message when I open the Terminal: "env: lyx: No such file or directory".

What can I do to clean everything up? There's some kind of a process that's stuck and queued, but I'm relatively new to Linux so I really don't know what the underlying reason for this problem is or how to handle it...

Thanks a lot!

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answered 2016-02-09 09:38:34 -0500

swilson gravatar image

Check the following files for commands correlating to lyx:





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Wow that was quick and simple! the ~/.bashrc indeed had an env command. Thank you very much!

Yoni gravatar imageYoni ( 2016-02-09 09:52:56 -0500 )edit

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