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Cannot find comment option in Ask Fedora [closed]

asked 2011-09-28 01:34:06 -0500

libregeek gravatar image

updated 2011-09-28 01:56:57 -0500

mether gravatar image

I cannot find the comment option in all the questions in Ask Fedora. However, it's visible in the questions I have posted.

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6 Answers

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answered 2011-09-28 01:42:45 -0500

mether gravatar image

Yes. You can only comment on questions you haven't asked if you get 50 karma points. See the FAQ for more details.

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Also, the threshold may be lowered in the site settings by the admins.

Evgeny gravatar imageEvgeny ( 2011-11-11 07:07:47 -0500 )edit

I have now modified settings and set the required karma points to 0, allowing anyone to comment

mether gravatar imagemether ( 2011-12-11 15:22:03 -0500 )edit

answered 2011-11-10 10:21:50 -0500

kiilerix gravatar image

I think it is unfortunate that new users can't post comments.

Comments are less intrusive than answers, and not being able to add a comment as a comment is not good for anyone. Since I don't have enough karma I have to post a new "answer" here to comment on mether's answer.

To be honest, I think it would make more sense that new members couldn't post questions or answers but only comments.

(One problem is that this behaviour is a hurdle for contribution from existing Fedora contributors. Their knowledge and experience would allow them to add a lot of value to this site from the beginning, also by commenting on existing questions and answers. Some kind of automatic karma for FAS group membership would make it less of a problem.)

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That would be nice and yes, I will take patches :-)

mether gravatar imagemether ( 2011-11-10 18:07:23 -0500 )edit

I try and follow consensus. Lets see if more people feel that way

mether gravatar imagemether ( 2011-11-11 10:28:08 -0500 )edit

answered 2011-11-14 21:52:12 -0500

ragsagar gravatar image

killerix, IMHO New members are the ones with questions. They may be signing up only after finding a problem in their fedora installation.When they come to post their query, if they are only able to comment on some other questions, it doesn't do any good.

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answered 2011-11-14 13:40:41 -0500

pidupo gravatar image

I fully agree with kiilerix (and would have like to post this as a comment!...)

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answered 2013-12-27 04:01:00 -0500

Xavier gravatar image

It seems Mether fixed this issue back in 2011, but now it is again impossible to post any comment for new users – at least for me. I believe that this is unfortunate. It may be very helpful to ask for clarifications, for instance!

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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answered 2011-11-26 22:48:26 -0500

maeniel gravatar image

hi, followed links here trying to figure out how i comment on an answer i appreciated. perhaps as i haven't used ask [name] setup before it is confusing to me. anyways now i know to 'answer' until I gain some credibility? thanks for accepting feedback and helping us new to fedora!

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Everyone should be able to comment again now however I do worry about spam control and will reset the value if that becomes a problem

mether gravatar imagemether ( 2013-12-27 15:04:58 -0500 )edit

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