backup of seahorse keyring

asked 2016-02-07 08:52:08 -0500

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Copying a keyring backup from an old machine with rsync into ~/.local/keyrings of an ubuntu installation works perfect, seahorse handles this fine. But copying the same keyring backup from an old machine with rsync into ~/.local/keyrings of a fc23 installation does not work. login.keyring shows up in ~/.local/keyrings but seahorse does not recognize it, folder Login is not present in seahorse. In both cases I removed login.keyring before before copying with rsync. In ubuntu a backup of login.keyring in case of a new system installation seems to give me access to my passwords, I just copy it to the appropriate folder. In fc23 this seems not possible. How can I open a backup of login.keyring from an old machine in seahorse on a new fc 23 installation? Thanks for your help.

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Check ownership and permission? Launch seahorse-gtk from Terminal and look at the output?

Aeyoun gravatar imageAeyoun ( 2016-02-07 11:44:44 -0500 )edit

Launching seahorse as root: seahorse (seahorse:5092): seahorse-WARNING **: gkr-backend.vala:90: couldn't connect to secret service: The connection is closed

panicnick gravatar imagepanicnick ( 2016-02-08 13:33:58 -0500 )edit

Need to reinitialize the machine for folder Login with backup passwords to show up in seahorse. Does somebody know how to connect to secret service without cycling the machine? Thanks for your help.

panicnick gravatar imagepanicnick ( 2016-02-12 14:29:07 -0500 )edit