Bash prompt corruption with Fedora 23 Cloud

asked 2016-02-05 18:40:44 -0500

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updated 2016-02-08 07:51:03 -0500

I set up a DigitalOcean VM with Fedora 23, and when I logged in via ssh using xfce4-terminal, I saw that the bash prompt was corrupted, like so:

Demonstration of issue in xfce4-terminal

I downloaded the Fedora 23 Cloud image for vagrant and set it up on my desktop, and here I experience the same issue. The screenshot above was taking using the vagrant instance.

gnome-terminal, lxterminal, and xterm are also affected by the issue:

Demonstration of issue in xterm

Pressing Ctrl+L in xfce4-terminal to clear the terminal will temporarily correct the corruption

Demonstration of clearing xfce4-terminal

but as soon as I do anything (e.g., press enter), the problem will reappear. Only Ctrl+L has this effect, the clear command does not.

$PS1 on the vagrant instance is set to the default: [\u@\h \W]\$. Changing it does not seem to correct the issue. I have not made any modifications to the vagrant box. I am running Fedora 23 Xfce on my desktop.

What might be the cause of this problem and how can I resolve it?

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