How do you connect Fedora 22 to Server 2008 AD

asked 2016-01-29 11:00:21 -0500

updated 2016-01-29 19:00:05 -0500

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I cannot find an actual step by step on how to connect a Fedora 22 machine to a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain. My instructor told me it was a difficult task, but I'm sure someone out there has done it.

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So, Active Directory offers a lot of services (LDAP, Kerberos, Group Policy, etc.) - what are you looking to do when you say "connect Fedora 22 to Server 2008 AD"? Are you just looking to use Active Directory as an authentication mechanism for users on a Fedora 22 system, or are you trying to leverage other features of AD?

bitwiseoperator gravatar imagebitwiseoperator ( 2016-01-29 14:41:15 -0500 )edit