Surface Pro 2 WiFi lockup

asked 2016-01-23 07:00:58 -0500

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I'm looking for a solution to the above issue. Connecting to a WiFi signal on Fedora 23 Workstation as of now on my Surface Pro 2 causes the system to freeze to the point where a hard reboot is required. The wireless chipset is a Marvell one as far I understand.

I have searched on Google & Reddit and it seems that a change of kernel may be what's needed here. I don't know whether a newer or older one is advisable. Maybe I have to compile my own. If that's the case, please link to the most user-friendly guide there is as I have never compiled my own kernel.

Other than that I'm totally blown away by the out-of-the-box performance, functionality, and look of Fedora 23 Workstation.

Thanks a lot, friends.

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I just hooked up Ethernet via a USB adapter and ran 'dnf update' in Terminal. That seems to have done the trick! WiFi is up and running with no system crashes!

xephrey gravatar imagexephrey ( 2016-01-23 07:36:16 -0500 )edit

Excellent feedback!

I have been having the same issue with my Surface Pro 1. No matter Fedora 23 or ubuntu 14.04 LTS, both of them got stuck at some point when I tried to connect using the built-in wireless and do an update.

I knew it was the wifi being the issue on search, but I didn't want to have another adapter all the time. I took your advice, but I used another adapater just to update the device in Fedora 23, after that I switched back to the built-in and it works just well!

Thanks a lot for your solution.

Sandbo gravatar imageSandbo ( 2016-03-05 19:26:26 -0500 )edit

I also have wifi issues on my surface pro 2. When I first install fedora 28 (kernel 4.16.3-301), wifi worked fine. After the first kernel update (4.17.12-200) wifi stopped working. A subsequent kernel update (4.17.14-202) has not solved the problem. If I boot into the originally installed kernel (4.16.3-301) from the grub menu, wifi works fine. All other updates are applied, which suggests it is the kernel that is the problem. But that is the only way I can get wifi to work. I have tried other adapters, no luck.

codebreaker gravatar imagecodebreaker ( 2018-08-21 20:39:34 -0500 )edit