Issue with isolinux.bin missing or corrupt

asked 2016-01-22 19:21:06 -0500

cva3391 gravatar image

I'm trying to install Fedora Server DVD 23 to a Dell PowerEdge 1850. But I get the error 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt' I'm booting from a USB stick created on a Fedora 17 server using: dd if={iso} of=/dev/sdc sync eject /dev/sdc

I've tried this several times without luck. Some of the things I've done: 1: I verified the ISO checksum and that passed 2: I tried creating the USB install stick with a copy of Fedora 17, got same error 3: I have the BIOS on the Dell PowerEdge set to OS Install Mode: yes 4: I tried booting my laptop with the Fedora Server DVD 23, go the same message 5: I tried an external USB Hard Drive to eliminate the USB stick as an issue, no luck. 6: I tried installing using the Fedora 23 Server Netinstall, no lunk

I've essentially tried every combination of two USB devices on two different systems with 3 different ISOs. All have the same error. I even tried creating the USB with one of the Windows based utils mentioned in the Fedora Installation guide and got the same error. I've read other users have made the mistake of using 'dd' with of=/dev/sdc1 (w/ a number) and I'm certain I'm not making the same mistake. If I mount the USB on the Fedora system I do see the isolinux/isolinux.bin file.

Any thoughts?

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