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Is the Board doing all it can to be transparent?

asked 2011-11-08 15:05:49 -0500

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jwillia commented "If the community knew what the board was doing perhaps they would take more interest in the elections and meetings"

This turned into a discussion about what the Board is dong right and what the Board is doing wrong in regards to transparency.

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answered 2011-11-08 15:27:46 -0500

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Things the Board is doing for transparency

  • All phone meetings have meeting minutes
  • Half the Board meetings are now on public IRC

Things that still seem untransparent

  • other Groups like FAmSCO have monthly reports why cant the board do the same?
    • the meeting minutes from all Board meetings kinda fill this gap but part of it is timing. People want to see what the Board has done around election time and don't pay as much attention at other times.
    • people expect a report of things that happened outside of meetings but the Board largely makes reports of those things inside of the meetings so they make it to the minutes.
  • There are not notices of the bi-weekly IRC meetings/agendas sent to the mailing lists, at least not every week so it's easy to forget.
    • Board noted and agreed we need to take steps to make sure that announcements go to adivsory-board list.
  • IRC Board meetings are taking place in a one-off IRC channel (#fedora-board-meeting) instead of #fedora-meeting.
  • Board tickets are not viewable except by those explicitly CC'd. So, for instance, when links to tickets are given in IRC or meeting minutes, no one can tell what they really are.
    • No good answer to this atm
  • Similarly, the ticket report summaries are hidden so people can't quickly see what the Board has worked on/is working on from looking at a list of open tickets.
    • No good answer to this atm
  • since the board blog has been discontinued, some people don't get information about the Board anymore.
    • the dual time requirement and problems for nonnative speakers to summarize meetings was brought up
    • the problem that even if the blog is active, there are inevitably biases in the reporting when there's disagreements within the Board.
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