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Fedora23 live usb differs from installed version -> wifi not recognized

asked 2016-01-14 04:04:45 -0500

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Dear all,

As a follow-up to my other question regarding specific wireless networks not being detected []

It appears that there is a difference between the live version from a USB stick and the version that is installed. My Broadcom 4401 wont detect my home wifi network, but it is however able to see other wireless networks. When i boot from the live USB, it does find it. Before and after installing, when i boot from the live usb, it can connect to my home wifi, but when i start my laptop without the live usb (so the normal, installed Fedora23) it is not able to find it.

Is it therefore possible to, for example, copy settings from the usb to my hard-drive? Please note that I am a rookie when it comes to Linux/Fedora, so please be gentle and dont rule out the most simple solutions :)

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answered 2016-01-21 09:58:40 -0500

tdw21 gravatar image

This appears to be coming from regional settings embedded in the hardware as well as regional settings from selecting your location. Having a wireless network on channel 12-14 will be invisible as some regions (e.g. US) are not allowed to operate on that.

Changing region on Fedora or change channel on router is the solution.

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