Trading Linux Mobile for ANDROID Systems Programming [closed]

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HELP! ANDROID MOBILE Sux and I need Trade Up to Linux Systems Mobile TAKEOVER Programming. - I have had Glitches forceful Disfunctions and Disconnections of most of EVERY Systems APPS from Android System and am tired of it!! Please asking for Linux Re Code Source to replace this problem with a solution. I have an ANDROID HUAWEI H881C ASCEND PLUS , is Obsolete, but I need to RECODE SOURCES because of these problems now... (thanks to Android and Google screwing the Main Programming systems up), please help me get my Mobile phone back in working Order! Email me if you know my address... ok

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Welcome to ask.fedora, a place where people come to get and give assistance with Fedora Linux. Alas, I see nothing in your question that has to do with Fedora, so I'm going to close it as off topic. If and when you have any questions about Fedora, please feel free to return.

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