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how to Install group

asked 2015-12-13 15:27:15 -0500

i was able to install the other groups but it will not install the sound and video it keeps saying [FedoraUsr@localhost ~]$ sudo yum groupinstall "Sound and Video" Loaded plugins: langpacks, refresh-packagekit Warning: Group sound-and-video does not have any packages to install. Group sound-and-video does have 4 conditional packages, which may get installed. Maybe run: yum groups mark install (see man yum) No packages in any requested group available to install or update [FedoraUsr@localhost ~]$

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-12-14 04:20:12 -0500

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Asked: 2015-12-13 15:27:15 -0500

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