Slow websites loading after few hours

asked 2015-12-12 17:50:25 -0500

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I have a usual wi-fi connection, Fedora 23 x64 (if I remember correctly, Fedora 22 too had the same issue for me).

The issue is in slow websites loading. Some time after powering on everything seems to be OK, but few hours later (maybe 8--10) something happens. Websites begin to load very, very slowly. Each connection to a resource is a torment.

Only rebooting helps and internet is fast again. Seems that another computer (Win 7) as well as devices (Android) do not have this issue. I did not have this issue also when I was under Win 7 on this PC.

Thank you!

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How's your memory (free -m) at that time? Maybe you're just running out of memory and starting swapping.

casep gravatar imagecasep ( 2015-12-16 06:35:11 -0500 )edit

What about your wifi adapter, please run following command and post output sudo lshw -C network

paupav gravatar imagepaupav ( 2016-07-02 19:21:37 -0500 )edit