how to diagnose missing wlan0

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I installed Oracle VM VirtualBox, to try out a virtual machine, but the install blew away my wifi config. Both wifi [wlan0] and eth0 have been working OK since installing Fedora 21, about a year ago. But after installing VirtualBox the Wifi networks disappeared and a Bridged network appeared in NetworkManager. I'm now considering moving to Fedora 23, but I feel I should try fix this. What's the best way to report this to help others who hit the same problem, to get some pointers to a solution?

So, my questions are:-

Q1) How would I diagnose a failure to connect to wifi network?

Q2) Who/how should I report this "feature" of installing VirtualBox - to Oracle or some dev project for VirtualBox or RPMFusion repository maintainers ?

Symptoms Using NetworkManager I can still see a list of wifi ESSID's that I have recently connected to, using rignt-click, then edit connections, to view the Network Connections dialogue.

A left click on NetworkManager shows Ethernet connection as usual, but no Wifi, and a new network for the virtual machines hosted by VirtualBox - Bridge (virbr0)

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