Can't switch wireless keyboard layout without plugging wired keyboard

asked 2015-12-07 13:14:47 -0500

Ok, so this is a really strange problem and I don't even know where to dig, where to submit bug or anything.

I had my old Mitsumi USB keyboard that I switched to the shiny new Logitech K270 wireless keyboard. The thing is that after bootup keyboard layout switch is not working. Buttons are working, I double checked with evtest. I tried with Alt+Shift, Right control, Right Alt. BUT as soon as I plugged my old wired keyboard and switch layout with it, my new keyboard starts switching layouts like it always was. I can unplug old keyboard and enjoy layout switching.

I can provide any logs, upgrade or downgrade. I really can't understand what's happening and where should I go - to X11 devs, fedora, systemd or Logitech.

Hope somebody can point me to right direction.

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