Fedora 23 App Menu in Window Title Bar Bug

asked 2015-11-26 21:41:13 -0500

lakerssuperman gravatar image

In Fedora 23 there is a setting in the Tweak-Tool that removes the app menu from the panel and inserts it into the left side of window title bar. I like it, especially on my dual screen setup so the menu is right with the window I'm working with. However, on some of my machines that I've upgraded to 23 (upgraded as in I did a fresh install but kept the same home partition and settings) toggling the switch doesn't move the menu to the window title bar, it just removes it from the top panel. However, some systems it works perfectly.

Does anyone by chance know what config file I might have to tweak so that I don't have to kill all of my settings to get this one thing working? Thanks a bunch.

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