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Getting the default Fedora boot screen and GDM on Fedora 18 back

asked 2013-01-17 18:28:16 -0500

hiddensemblance gravatar image

I had a Fedora 18 install that I installed yesterday.

In the process of it, I had some problems with Gnome conflicting with something when I installed Cinnamon, that required me to uninstall it. I uninstalled Gnome, Cinnamon and just started with a fresh install of the group "Cinnamon Desktop".

During that process, it uninstalled the Fedora themed GDM (?) which I thought looked pretty nice. I am now running the default theme of GDM I was wondering how I get back the standard Fedora login screen.

Also, when I installed, I had to boot in "low graphics mode" until I installed the official Nvidia drivers (I suspect that it was because of my multi monitor setup). How do I get the standard Fedora boot screen (the logo filling up with white)?

Thank you.

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-02-20 05:12:37 -0500

Linuxghost gravatar image

I suppose you mean the plymouth theme? link text

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