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"Failed to save storage configuration" during installation of Fedora 23

asked 2015-11-24 01:20:44 -0500

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updated 2015-12-04 01:49:53 -0500

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Hello I am trying to install Fedora 23 Gnome 3 version from a live DVD on my (quite old) Toshiba P300 laptop. I tried lots of different (unallocated) partitions and every time when i press "Done", it doesnt save my selections and pops up the famous "Failed to save storage configuration" warning and after a few seconds it vanishes and says "No disc selected" so I cant continue the installation. I have installed Fedora 23 previously in other computers quite successfully but this one won't By the way when I pointed the installation to a USB flash drive, the configuration was saved and it allowed me to install it there (i didn't though) What could I do to install Fedora to that laptop? (google didnt help much...) Thanks

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answered 2015-11-24 06:59:52 -0500

Pharmathan gravatar image

HEY FEDORA COMMUNITY Somehow i got it to install. It must had something to do with the number of partitions there were in the system. I had two big volumes, C: and D:, and some small ones, probably remnants of old system files and stuff. When i tried to shrink D to create a third volume for the Fedora installation, the error was popping up. Now i used the whole D: volume as a destination, and it installs like a charm (watch out though that the discs are not mounted before installation or the installer will crash) I am very happy now even though I need that D: volume for storage for my windows (I am dual booting) but Linux is above all ;)

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i've noticed that fedora creates partitions on my drives anytime i use fedora media writer. some of them have titles like "block drive", taking up 1/3 of 64GB. unfortunately the community blocked my question on that because it's related to something else. however, i still get the same error message. if you have any more comments please continue to contribute.

marcosncinas gravatar imagemarcosncinas ( 2017-08-29 14:06:25 -0500 )edit

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