problems with ATI Radeon and intel graphics chipset on Fedora 23

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So I recently added an ATI Radeon dual video card to my HP Envy I5 machine that already has a dual output intel chipset. I did a fresh install of Fedora 23 on kernel 4.2.6-300.fc23.x86_64 running xfce and all 3 of my monitors appeared to be detected and sort of work. I am experiencing some strange issues with things that run on the monitors connected to the Intel chipset.

The first problem is that when I first installed things I only had video on the ATI connected monitor. No problem, I went to Applications > Settings > Display and the other monitors were detected, but shut off. After enabling them and positioning them, they all cam on fine and appeared to work. The problem is that when I later tried to go back to Display settings, it crashes immediately with a popup that says "We're sorry, it appears Display has crashed ...". Attempts to click "Restart" only flash a window for a fraction of a second and then nothing.

The second issue I have is with the monitors connected to the onboard Intel chipset. If I have a terminal window open and I am typing, after a few characters are typed, the screen refreshes are one step behind my typing. The screen will also refresh after any mouse movement. If I drag the terminal window over to the monitor on the ATI card, everything seems to be fine.

The third issue is again with the monitors on the Intel chipset. If I have something like Evolution open and I click on a menu item at the top, the menu pops up on the ATI connected monitor. I can mouse over and click on what I need, but it is a bit annoying.

Problem 4 is when I have firefox open on the ATI monitor and I right click on a web page, the right click menu works fine. If I drag the window to one of the Intel connected monitors and attempt a right click on the same web page, I get no right click menu. If I then drag it back to the ATI monitor and attempt to right click again, all I see is what I am guessing is part of the menu, but I see a 1 pixel line about 40 to 50 pixels tall that pops onto the screen. If I arrow down and hit enter, it launches a menu selection.

And last but not least, I have no icons for items in my applications menu. The icons on my desktop are fine. I have tried choosing different themes and styles. I even downloaded some other icon packs. Still nothing.

I have tried a couple different desktop environments, and every one had some kind of issue with this setup, and most problems seemed to be on the two Intel connected monitors. The xfce environment seemed to be the least buggy/annoying. I am hoping that someone has one of these magical fixes like "oh ... (more)

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