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Keepass not working on Fedora 22

asked 2015-11-16 21:10:42 -0500

mattmorgan gravatar image

I use Keepass almost daily so I think this happened very recently: when I start it today, I can't get it fully working. I see a black square in the tray with a handful of grayed-out options (Tray/Untray, Generate Password, Options, Lock Workspace, Exit) that don't work, and I get the menu up top. The window itself doesn't appear at first; but then when I choose "Exit" from the application menu, the window appears. However, it won't do anything--if I try to load a kdb file or anything else, it just won't.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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answered 2015-11-16 21:17:47 -0500

mattmorgan gravatar image

Nevermind. The login window was just appearing off screen. (I thought my laptop screen was closed, but it was cracked open so windows were appearing there, but I was only looking at my external monitor :-)). Fixed.

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Asked: 2015-11-16 21:10:42 -0500

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