Session crash, font, windows issues

asked 2015-11-13 16:00:29 -0500

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I use fedora 22 x86.64 on a computer. I do not know if it is a related to Xorg or the driver, I use the default settings.

Sometimes the session crash et kill all the applications and bring me back to the login screen. It is a bit annoying to get all the applications killed.

Also I have some problems with the fonts, sometimes some characters do not appear on the screen. See the picture. image description

Sometimes some windows of some application became unsuable some lines appear on the windows, but it does not affect all the windows.

I am almost sure there are all related problem.

Can you help me to debug/fix this issue ?

If you need any command line, logs or whatever, I will be happy to provide them.

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I've seen a similar behavior in Firefox (Fedora 22, x86_64) - not no crash or any program or Xsession.

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2015-11-14 18:26:30 -0500 )edit