How to change KDE file associations on Fedora 23

asked 2015-11-06 02:04:41 -0600

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I've installed Fedora 23 (standard edition) and afterwards used the software manager to install KDE 5. Under KDE, I can't change the file associations, even though there are some weird settings, such as using gedit as the default program for HTML files.

Going into the File Associations settings, I can see that - for example - gedit is the first application in the order of open for text/html files, but if I try to change the order and click Apply, the order reverts to how it was before I begun.

I've looked in .local/share/applications/mimeapps.list and it looks to be in order - it has text/html=firefox.desktop;org.gnome.gedit.desktop;calibre-ebook-edit.desktop,...

The xdg-mime tool shows the same problem:

$ xdg-mime query default text/html
$ xdg-mime default firefox.desktop text/html
$ xdg-mime query default text/html

How can I find out what is broken?

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Interestingly enough, xdg-open call kde-open5 (from kde-cli-tools-5.4.2-1.fc23.x86_64) which manifests the broken behavior, but there is also a kde-open (from kde-runtime-15.08.2-1.fc23.x86_64) and that works fine - it opens HTML files in firefox, as the mimeapps.list specifies...

guss77 gravatar imageguss77 ( 2015-11-06 02:35:28 -0600 )edit