Messed up kde 4 -> kde 5 kwallet conversion: password now unknown

asked 2015-10-27 12:50:22 -0500

Peter T gravatar image

Somehow my conversion from the kde 4 kwallet to the kde 5 one failed to set the password to what (I thought) I typed, and now I can't use the wallet. (And, of course, all my password protected WiFi connections are unreachable.)

Not knowing the password, I can't change it. Not knowing where the wallet resides (It's apparently not .kde/share/apps/kwallet - I tried moving that to kwallet~, but nothing changed.) makes it hard to fix.

Any suggestions? (I suppose I could kill the whole ~/.kde directory, but that would be a lot of work.)

For now, maybe I'll see how GNOME is working with the Wayland replacement to the old Xorg . . .

That last comment raises another question: Can I configure kde 5 to use the GNOME wallet (or, perhaps, some other wallet) system instead of kwallet?

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