Is there a way to switch back to GNOME 3.14 notifications behaviour ?

asked 2015-10-27 04:27:39 -0500

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updated 2015-10-27 08:30:16 -0500

Since GNOME 3.16, notifications appear on top. Furthermore they are displayed for as long as I don't close them (at least for some of them).

Is there a way to move the notifications to the bottom and force them not to be displayed for too long ? (I don't want to disable notifications).

Thank you !

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To move the notifications back to the bottom of the main screen, I found the Panel OSD extension. But it doesn't work in my setup yet (external monitor as the main monitor).

remjg gravatar imageremjg ( 2015-10-27 08:29:35 -0500 )edit