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How to toggle full sceen mode in virt-manager?

asked 2011-10-25 09:35:47 -0500

giallu gravatar image

Once you get into fullscreen mode in virt-manager there is no clue about how to exit and go back to windowed mode, what's the "secret" spell to get your desktop back?

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-11-09 10:09:27 -0500

jfmchivall gravatar image

You should be able to mouse up to the centre of the very top of the screen which causes a small toolbar to slide down. The toolbar has buttons for exiting fullscreen, and sending key combinations to the guest.

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answered 2011-10-25 16:32:04 -0500

Oliver gravatar image


found maybe a "workaround" here:

Don't use virt-manager, but connect vncviewer directly:

vncviewer localhost:5900 -fullscreen

No way to try it out right now, but does that work for you?



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