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Wierd "Partition" in Fedora 22

asked 2015-10-16 18:03:53 -0500

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Hej guys,

was hoping you could help me out, ive got like this wierd partition that gives my root 50gb ish space and the rest of the harddrive is unused? seems bit wierd to me. does anyone have a solution for this? tried googling and stuff but iam fairly new to linux :-)

image description

link to image ->

hope you guys can help me! :)

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-10-17 03:26:36 -0500

vtrefny gravatar image

updated 2015-10-17 04:41:16 -0500

It is not a partition, it is a LVM Logical Volume (it is bassically a partition, just little bit more clever). You have three logical volumes, one called "root" mounted at / (root directory/root filesystem -- it is used for system and installed programs), one called "home" mounted at /home (home directory -- it is used for user data) and one called swap.

Home directory on separate logical volume is useful when doing new installation -- you can just replace the "root" logical volume (with system data) without deleting your personal data ("home" logical volume). It's possible to shrink the root logical volume and use the free space for home logical volume (or vice versa).

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Thank you very much!, this was helpfull :-) i know what to do now :-P

Thehunk gravatar imageThehunk ( 2015-10-17 04:05:51 -0500 )edit

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