Jerky keyboard/pointer behaviour

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I use Fedora 22 on a new laptop (Acer 11 Inspire). Recently, while I was composing a document, the pointer suddenly skipped away from the current position to another. This occurred at a rate of once every two to twenty keys hit or, at least, every minute.

In particular, I noted these patterns:

  • While writing a new line, the pointer jumps to home position
  • While editing an existing line, it jumps to the end of the following line

and other ones may have occurred before I took the bother to note them down.

This occurred

  • while I was not typing with any particular haste (and I even slowed down intentionally)
  • while I stood well clear of modifier keys and of the touchpad
  • while I was in the train (and laptops are supposed to be usable in a train)

The laptop has been kept clean ever since: no coffee spills, flurry pets, meals in front of the screen and the like. It has always been stowed neatly and has been working in ordinary environments (no dust, vapours etc).

I also gave a try to two different editors (LibreOffice and TexWorks) to see whether this depended on the particular application. Same problem.

Then I turned out to the Windows 8 in the same laptop to continue working and it worked up to expected standards.

This is a highly disruptive inconvenience. Has any other Fedora user experienced it and found a solution?

I hasten to add that I am seeking proven solutions or solution strategies that are proven to be fail-safe. I politely ask reassurance that an unsuccessful solution attempt can be undone without extra damage. Once bitten twice shy, but I remain positive and hopeful.

Thanks for dealing with this

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An old thread I know, but I have had issues with pointer behaviour on my Acer Apsire 5735 caused by libinput handling of the touchpad though these have been fixed now.

NeilRomig gravatar imageNeilRomig ( 2016-09-04 11:22:15 -0600 )edit