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Audio doesn't play through headphones on Dell M3800

asked 2015-10-12 20:12:59 -0500

resplin gravatar image

updated 2015-10-12 20:29:43 -0500

I'm running Fedora 21 on a Dell M3800. I just updated, and audio stopped working through my headphones.

Things I have checked:

  • Audio plays fine through the speakers, and it plays fine through my USB headset.
  • My sound card is a Realtek ALC3661
  • The automute setting in alsamixer is disabled, and the headphone channel is not muted and has volume.
  • pavucontrol shows that the headphones are plugged in, are not muted, and that audio is going through them.
  • I log in as a new user, and the problem still doesn't exist, so I don't think it is my pulseaudio configuration.
  • I tried deleting my /var/lib/alsa/asound.state and rebooting, but there was no change.
  • The update included a kernel update from 4.1.5-100 to 4.1.8-100, but the problem appears even when I reboot with the previous kernel.
  • The only other change that seems like it could be related is hwdata, which updated from 0.280-1 to version 0.282-1. I don't see anything obvious in the package changelog, and doing a yum downgrade to 0.271-1 didn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions?

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It has been a week, and I can't find a solution. When I plug in my headphones, I get a variety of loud shriek buzz pulse noises even when the computer is not playing anything.

resplin gravatar imageresplin ( 2015-10-20 08:24:52 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-11-06 14:22:44 -0500

resplin gravatar image

The problem was resolved today with a dnf update.

I don't know which of the packages solved it, but that only candidate that seems likely is the kernel upgrade to 4.1.10-100.

That was a painful month of broken.

/me utters a sigh of relief

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