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Line in / Microphone capture is messed up

asked 2015-10-02 04:29:04 -0500

shinkicker gravatar image


I am running Fedora 22 on a HP probook. The laptop has an external mic and speakers, and the audio output is working ok on both headset (line out) and the speakers. The problem is the audio line in from my headsets microphone.

It is badly distorted with a loud hum, and I hear the same audio repeating every one second in a loop .

You can hear the result here (warning, might be loud!)

I captured this with:

arecord -d 10 /tmp/test-mic.wav

The first thing I tried was reducing all the levels in alsamixer, but that has not had much effect. I then did the same using pavucontrol, but its still not any better.

Here is the weird thing. If I use arecord again, it captures the exact same audio sequence (it sounds indentical to the capture posted above on, so its almost like the capture data is cached somewhere and being fed to the audio input?!

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answered 2015-10-04 18:09:57 -0500

Ben Hogue gravatar image

Go into setting and make your headset microphone and headphones your default devices.

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If only it was as simple as that, its already set there, the issue is the audio is messed up.

shinkicker gravatar imageshinkicker ( 2015-10-06 07:18:02 -0500 )edit

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