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How to install Eclipsetrader Or grism on fedora 17

asked 2012-11-04 09:10:46 -0500

amod gravatar image

Hi friends, There are software for stock trading in linux. I found few, but they are all in some other package system.

I got interested in eclipsetrader. Can anyone explain how to install eclipsetrader on fedora 17

I would like if some one would explain me this in step by step fashion. Any alternative software preference recommendation is welcomed.



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1 Answer

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answered 2013-10-08 04:15:15 -0500

1 - Go to the webpage of Eclipsetrader and download the version for your operating system (32 or 64 bits):

32 bits here.

64 bits here

2 - Go to the place you download it and extract it (64 bits example):

tar -zxvf eclipsetrader-N201301040902-linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz

3 - Then install the program



sudo make install

4 - Then run the program through it's binary name, that should be something like:

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