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Unable to "Shrink Current System" during installation

asked 2013-01-23 06:10:41 -0500

EarlS gravatar image

updated 2013-01-23 06:15:43 -0500

I'm trying to install Fedora 13 from a Live CD and would like to have a dual boot system so I tried to shrink the existing partition (Windows XP, NTFS). When I select "Shrink Current System". the Volume to Shrink dialog box shows an ntfs partition that is 0 MB in size. Why isn't it showing the proper size? If I enter a size in the resize box, I get an error message box titled "Resize FileSystem Error" containing "/dev/sda1: new size same as old size."

What's going on and is there a way to resolve this?

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answered 2013-07-21 01:03:38 -0500

Aclan gravatar image

Hello. If you are shrinking the existing partitions from Live CD, I would suggest you rather shrink the partition from within Windows itself. Create a new partition while being logged into Windows, format it in ext3 format. Then, reboot. The Live CD should now be showing the new partition as LINUX partition or simply ext3 formatted partition. Continue installation in this partition. Hope it helps.Thanks.

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its happening to me too. I guess, i'll have to use gparted to format it to xfs or ext.

Abhishek.GR8 gravatar imageAbhishek.GR8 ( 2013-07-26 13:30:19 -0500 )edit

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