Fedora21 upgrade pulseaudio pop/short crackle

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I recently upgraded from Fedora 20 where my audio was working perfectly. But since I fedup'd my system to Fedora 21 I now have a very irritating either pop or short crackle every time the system boots, and after playing some audio.

For example if I get a beep from the system audio, it plays the audio correctly but always starts with a pop/short crackle. I have tried:

  1. yum reinstall pulseaudio alsa-lib - no change
  2. tried the pulse audio debugging guide and turned off autospawn (autospawn = no in ~/.pulse/client.conf) then killed pulse audio and restarted it manually with verbose output. There are lots of messages but nothing that I could see that would point to the cause of the problem.

So I tried a completely clean boot with USB boot and sound worked perfectly, so I know its not a problem with the new version. Therefore is there any way I can completely purge all the pulseaudio and alsa-lib config and restore them to factory defaults?

Or if anybody else can give me a pointer, I would be most grateful.

My Alsa config is uploaded to http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=545...

Its driving me nuts - so any help would be great. Thanks

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It is because in F21 and above power management is applied for sound system as well. Whenever sound is not playing or sound system not in use this shuts off sound system and when it turns on it leaves a crackling sound. Turn off power management for sound card and everything should work as normal.

opensource gravatar imageopensource ( 2015-11-13 12:23:25 -0500 )edit