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No sound after switching to VT2

asked 2015-09-04 08:48:19 -0500

When I start a new session with KDE and log in, sound works for me. I am in the following groups:

robin wheel video pkg-build

But when a user who is not in wheel does the same thing, they hear no sound, even though pavucontrol shows sound supposedly "playing".

I'm not sure whether it's a permissions issue or an issue of how the user switching is performed. This is possibly related to switching back to VT2 using Ctrl+Alt+F2. But when I just tried switching to VT3 and back to VT2, sound still worked for me.

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answered 2015-09-20 14:10:39 -0500

covex gravatar image

This is due to so called session management. Only the active session can access some of the HW devices present on a desktop. If you first start the sound on VT1, then login on the VT2 with the same user, the sound should be hearable there too after login, as this is the same user. You should be able to use also loginctl attach /dev/snd/something to get to the sound device.

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