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how do i install spotify free in fedora 16?

asked 2012-02-05 15:07:27 -0500

Scott gravatar image

i have tried downloading the .exe file from spotify and I have been unable to have wine install the software. i receive the following error ' please install spotify using a normal account instead of an administrator account

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-02-06 12:22:54 -0500

yn1v gravatar image

updated 2012-02-06 12:23:43 -0500

I just did a google search and found this link that has some interesting trouble shooting on the spotify installation. I haven't follow this guideline, so I am not sure if it really works or not.

Spotify Native on Fedora 13/14/15 (32 and 64 bit)!

I hope it works

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answered 2012-03-03 15:07:24 -0500

updated 2012-03-04 06:57:47 -0500

For some reason I think I had to pay to install Spotify; it might be because I've already used it for many months as a free user, but that's just speculation.

First make sure you are fully updated with the latest Fedora wine packages.

In a terminal:


(replacing SPOTIFYINSTALLER.exe with the actual name of the installer file you downloaded)

If prompted to install Gecko, click the Install button.

Now try using Spotify. You may need to fix sound so that you can actually hear anything. If so, follow the instructions below.

Exit spotify if it is running.

I'm not sure if this was actually necessary, but I first uninstalled the 64-bit version of wine and wine-alsa and installed the 32-bit version of each.

Then I used regedit to make wine use alsa.

  1. Open Regedit
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/wine/drivers
  3. Edit the Audio key so the value of the key is alsa, instead of pulse.

(Alternatively you could just use winetricks [a separate download] to reset your .wine, which would erase all installed Wine programs and registry entries, so you'd have to install Spotify again.)

In a terminal:

killall pulseaudio

Now start spotify, and it should work.

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