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Suspend to RAM on Thinkpad X230 fails: waking up with black screen

asked 2015-08-26 08:19:14 -0500

johnassel gravatar image

I've got Fedora 22 workstation up and running on a Thinkpad X230 and I'm stuck with the following problem:

While hibernate works flawlessly suspend to RAM fails when waking up the device. It comes back to life with a black screen and doesn't respond to anything. No function keys, no shutdown button - nothing. I tried updating to the most recent UEFI-BIOS (it was quite old) but that didn't help. Kernel is the most recent 4.1.5 and the system is up-to-date.

Strangely suspend to disk works without problems.

Currently I don't know where to look now what the problem could be. On the most recent version of Ubuntu standby worked, too. It is this device: X230

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answered 2015-11-25 15:42:00 -0500

vsht gravatar image

I also have an X230 running Fedora 22 and encountered exactly the same problem with suspend to RAM. In my case, after I have blacklisted the "mei" module (responsible for Intel AMT) the standby seems to work flawlessly. Try this

sudo su
echo -e "blacklist mei\ninstall mei /bin/true" > /etc/modprobe.d/mei.conf
dracut -f

and then reboot.

P.S. I got this workaround from here and here. This question strongly suggests that mei is indeed responsible for standby problems on newer Thinkpads.

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