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Why does Fedora 16 & 17 randomly freezes on my Intel Sandybridge box?

asked 2012-12-10 02:03:46 -0500

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updated 2014-09-30 08:29:11 -0500

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Hi, my Fedora 17 x86 box gangs without reason, can't track down issue causing it! When I reboot into Windows 7 32bit and it works for days without any hangs.

This is a work PC so IT installed Windows 7, but I don't use it, I installed Fedora since Fedora Core 6 and use it as my primary desktop.

I'm not some guru sysadmin, but I'm not a newbie, as I have been using Linux over 10 years as my primary desktop.

My desktop works perfectly for hours, sometime for days, but after some time (usually 1-2 days) it freezes when I'm not working on it.

I tried leaving just desktop running with no apps, still freezes, changed desktops, kde - hangs, gnome 3 - hangs, mate - gangs, tried leaving multiple apps doing something, still hangs. I ran memory test utils, memory is working ok. Disabled screensavers and powersaving - still hangs, used fbdev instead of intel driver - still hangs.

Is anybody having unexplained hangs with Fedora 17 64bit? I had same issues with Fedora 16. Could it be some 64bit issue because Windows is 32bit and it works? I haven't tried using 32bit Fedora 17.

After the freeze I can't ssh to my machine, pressing numlock doesn't has no effect, CTRL-ALT-F2 has also no effect.

How can I troubleshoot what is causing hangs of my machine? Is this a known issue?

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answered 2012-12-19 17:29:28 -0500

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It isn't normal for Fedora to crash, and certainly both FC16 & FC17 should be working very happily with Sandy Bridge.

In most cases, you should be seeing some sort of message in /var/log/messages (or the older rotated version of that). If you don't see anything at all, you are probably running into a hardware problem of some sort.

Most "hardware" problems are memory related, and running memcheck86+ may be able to shed some light onto things.

Good luck!

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