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ownCloud webDAV on Fedora 16 problems

asked 2012-04-11 00:42:01 -0500

amitsaha gravatar image

Hi all: I am hoping there will be someone who can shed some light on this. Repeating from my post on [ownCloud forums](

I have had ownCloud succesfully setup on Fedora with Apache and PHP 5. Everything works great. SabreDAV works fine which can be used to use WebDAV to access files from the browser.

Now, I am trying to now access ownCloud from a command line client, 'cadaver' and this is what I get:

Authentication required for ownCloud on server `localhost':
Username: admin
Could not access /owncloud/files/webdav.php/ (not WebDAV-enabled?):
Did not find a collection resource.
Connection to `localhost' closed.

I am able to use this client succesfully with two other ownCloud installations, one on Debian and other on Ubuntu without any problems.

Is it a Web server configuration issue on Fedora? Thanks in advance!

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answered 2012-06-18 04:37:53 -0500

Sriram gravatar image

Yes, Probably your apache in fedora may not be configured well. Please check your apache configuration for 'DAV' module. Try this command:

grep -i 'DAV On' /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

If 'DAV' is ON, then try to compare your apache configuration with a working version.

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