Can't mount usb,seen on lsusb,not on lsblk,udevd error "no medium found"

asked 2015-08-09 06:28:09 -0500

wendycc gravatar image

Hello guys I have lexar usb 3.0 device. by micron. And although the device is communicating with the kernel I can't mount it.

Here is the journalcrl and

Here is lsusb -v

Sometimes no message is logged at journalctl. I have to unplug and plug it again for it to work... Although the light on the device is blinking everytime I plug it in. Other usb devices are working well.

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Did you try "fdisk -lu /dev/sdc"?

This would give you look at the partition(s) on the USB drive, and how they are formatted. It could be that the drive is formatted in a standard not known by kernel. Or no partitions at all.

linux.alder gravatar imagelinux.alder ( 2015-08-12 23:51:44 -0500 )edit

Hi I am sorry for the late reply. I just tried it and I responded with no medium found, and it can be seen on lsusb, and I also run with sudo. I guess the usb is broken.

wendycc gravatar imagewendycc ( 2015-08-15 17:18:53 -0500 )edit