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Can a different video driver be installed at install time?

asked 2015-08-01 03:19:25 -0500

mellie gravatar image

Hello all, I am new to linux and Fedora. I successful installed Fedora 13, from an official disk, sometime ago on an Asus P4533 motherboard but never really used it much. I recently decide to persue Linux and discovered that Fedora 13 was way out of date so I downloaded Fedora 20, 32 bit Workstation flavour and tried to install it on the P4533 Mobo in a different partition but keeping Fedora 13 as well. Just after the anaconda install starts I receive a message from the monitor suggesting the video signal is outside of the monitor limits and a blank screen is presented. So I can go o further with Fedora 20.

Since Fedora 13 works then I assume that there is a linux driver for the Rage128 Pro (16MB) that I am using and I also assume that Fedora 20 is attempting to use a driver that is not compatible with said video card.

My question is this: Can I direct the install to use the Fedora 13 video driver when I install Fedora 20? If yes then what do I need to do?



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answered 2015-08-01 04:15:32 -0500

geforce gravatar image

Your graphics card is a paperweight in linux

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