Jmol in FC21 not working properly

asked 2015-07-26 15:47:21 -0500

george gravatar image

updated 2015-08-14 21:44:45 -0500

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I upgraded from fc20 to fc21 today and found Jmol is not working properly. It is unable to show the orbitals when one of them is selected from the list. This was not the case in fc20 where it worked without any problem. In fc21, when orbital is selected I get immediately a message such as kernel problem detected. Can any one look into it?

Jmol in fc21 is not showing the orbital mesh when I select any orbital. It gives out message such as kernel problem detected. How to make jmol to show the orbital properly? Any idea. Also Jmol is slow in response compared to fc20

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