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KMail doesn't remember passwords

asked 2012-09-04 19:00:11 -0500

Brallan gravatar image

updated 2012-09-07 01:22:10 -0500

Hi! Actually, I've a gmail and hotmail accounts properly configured. When I check my email, the gmail password isn't requested but KMail ask my hotmail password always. I guess KWallet manage it and I would like don't write my hotmail password each time.

I'm ussing Fedora 17 with KDE 4.8.5

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-09-07 01:21:24 -0500

Brallan gravatar image

I found a good reference: linuxquestions

After that, I proceeded to go to the menu Settings> Configure KMail> Accounts. In the Receiving tab I added my password to each email account by pressing the "Modify ..." button and write it on the General tab. Finally, in the Sending tab I did the same.

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