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Can I format /boot as btrfs?

asked 2015-07-20 07:01:21 -0500

Gale gravatar image

I read some were in the documentation of Fedora 20 i Think that /boot is to be installed as ext4, is it now safe to use the /boot partition as btrfs in Fedora 22?

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Test it in Gnome Boxes or other VM.

NuuN gravatar imageNuuN ( 2015-07-20 11:22:28 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2015-07-20 14:20:58 -0500

Fedora 22 uses GRUB 2, and GRUB 2 supports btrfs "in most cases."

Like NuuN said, I'd test it in a VM first, and honestly, I'd avoid it entirely if you aren't doing this for some really good reason which I can't readily imagine.

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answered 2016-03-08 21:14:02 -0500

cmurf gravatar image

Late answer: The gotcha with /boot on btrfs is there's a very old grubby bug that prevents updated kernels from getting GRUB menu entries. So to work around that you need to run grub2-mkconfig to write out a new grub.cfg (in the proper location for your firmware type) after any update that includes a new kernel version. If you're willing to live with that it's fine to have /boot on Btrfs. (I actually recommend not reading the bug report, I think it's over 100 comments by now...)

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