xfreerdp error: Receiving Out-of-Sequence RTS PDU and occasional crashes

asked 2015-06-28 11:03:09 -0500

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I'm using xfreerdp (with Fedora 21, version 1.2.0-beta1 (git n/a)) to access my company's remote desktop, which runs on Windows Server 2012. I don't know of any other Linux client that allows for accessing the remote desktop via a gateway.

This works fine in general, except I get this error every 4-5 seconds:

rpc_client_on_fragment_received_event: Receiving Out-of-Sequence RTS PDU

However, I can continue working normally.

Also, when I stop using the remote desktop for a few minutes or more, the xfreerdp window frequently freezes.I can't see any pattern here: very often it freezes, but sometimes it's OK for hours.

All of this happens ONLY if I access the remote desktop from the outside. When I'm using the same laptop within the company network (also via WiFi), everything is fine.

I've tried earlier versions of xfreerdp without any success at all (no connection: "Got stub length 4 with flags 2 and callid 6"), and I've attempted to connect with Fedora 22, which includes a later version of xfreerdp, but that version exits or crashes as soon as the connection is established with no further message.

Any help is appreciated.

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