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Where is the built-in docker support?

asked 2015-06-23 03:50:14 -0500

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According to Fedora has "Built-in Docker support". Now I've read through the "VIrtualization Getting Started Guide" and found not a single mention of Docker. The docker site provides rpm to install docker, but for an operating system that provides built-in support for docker obviously it seems that I shouldn't have to get docker from there.

Where do I learn more about the built-in docker support?

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answered 2015-06-23 08:59:27 -0500

Docker isn't virtualization. Just "yum install docker" and you're off and running.

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Well, docker uses kernel virtualization facilities and is referred to as virtualization software in wikipedia, so the virtualization could at least mention why this is of topic for the manual. But yes, thanks for the package hint, but clearly I expected something else by "built-in support" (integration in the UI, managing docker images as packages, ...)

reto gravatar imagereto ( 2015-06-24 10:06:36 -0500 )edit

Where? It's not virtualization - not even close. You're running straight on the same hardware drivers and implementations as the host. There's no simulation at all. Docker images are not packages. Far from. You may want to look at cockpit if you like a GUI management - which is what you'll find in Fedora Atomic. Docker is heavily command line dependent in it's raw form. So docker support means supporting the Docker API - ie. the Docker command and a few related tools.

bit4man gravatar imagebit4man ( 2015-06-24 19:13:26 -0500 )edit

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