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invalid magic number; you need to load the kernel first

asked 2015-06-21 11:29:34 -0500

leydekker gravatar image

I messed up trying to boot fedora 22 in a higher resolution after installing NVIDIA drivers. Probably i ran dracut -f with the wrong file. Booting kernel-4.0.5-300.fc22.x86_64 from the menu gives the message: error invalid magic number; you need to load the kernel first'. I removed vmlinuz-4.0.5* from /boot and tried to reinstall, but it says ' Package is already installed, skipping. Any idea how i get a valid entry for 4.0.5 back in the grub menu? An older kernel still works.

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answered 2015-06-23 09:44:38 -0500

You should as a rule never manually remove binary artifacts - let the package manager handle that. You can force a reinstall using "dnf reinstall kernel". As a rule, dnf can also rollback bad installs - so keeping things managed means it's easier down the road.
Every install of a kernel will cause a dracut to be run. HOWEVER, realize it uses the prior kernel/initrd setup to determine the settings for the new/update. If you have installed NVidia you'll have to roll back those changes - following would help cleaning things up (Nvidia will disable standard Fedora features which you'll need if you want to run plain FOSS).

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Thank you for the response bit4man. I managed to have a valid grub entry for 4.0.5 back again. I could generate the initramfs-4.0.5-* file following your lines. The config-4.0.5-* and the vmlinuz-4.0.5-* file I copied from a fedora 22 virtual machine. To my surprise that worked. Uninstalling the NVidia drivers failed, so I had to reinstall them again. But.. rereading your lines I understand now I have to fix the former kernel (4.0.4) first. Thanks again for your help.

leydekker gravatar imageleydekker ( 2015-06-25 09:07:03 -0500 )edit

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