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does my laptop support fedora 14?

asked 2015-06-21 01:05:53 -0500

Bashar gravatar image

my leptop is dell insoiron 14 3000 series. model 3442. dual core 4 gb ram intel processor

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-06-21 02:10:38 -0500

sideburns gravatar image

I'm sure that your laptop can support Fedora 14, but nothing else does or will, including Fedora. Fedora 14 reached its End Of Life several years ago and there have been no updates since, including for security issues. Right now, Fedora 20 is coming near its End Of Life, leaving versions 21 and 22 as the only supported versions. My recommendation is to go with F 22 unless you have Very Good Reasons not to as you will not only get you the newest version, but the one that will be supported the longest. Good Luck, welcome to ask.fedora and thank you for asking before you installed rather than come here to find out why all of the software is so outdated.

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Asked: 2015-06-21 01:05:53 -0500

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