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No valid Boot loader...

asked 2015-05-26 15:13:19 -0500

joaxs gravatar image


I need some help, my drive have two partitions one is NTFS for my documents and the other is the one I use to install my system, I had installed ARCH LINUX and ELEMENTARY OS without a problems, but in fedora when I have created my partitions I can't go next steps I got a yellow line in the bottom

"Error checking storage configuration, click for details press done again to confirm"

When press I got this message:

"No Valid boot loader target device found, See below for details, for UEFI installation you must include an EFI system partition on a GPT- formatted disk, mounted at /boot/efi.

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answered 2015-05-28 08:18:39 -0500

pschindl gravatar image

If you are installing on UEFI you have to create partition with mount point /boot/efi. When you make custom partitioning you have to do it by hand else anaconda does it for you.

Problem could be if you don't have GPT because it should be used for UEFI installation (consider reformating disk in that case).

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