Xephyr X Server With SELinux sandbox Utility for Skype

asked 2015-05-15 17:56:07 -0500

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Hello Fedora! I am attempting to run Skype in a sandbox with network and X server access. To do this, I am running:

sandbox -X -t sandbox_net_t /opt/skype

However, -- even though I am using the -X option, apparently Xephyr isn't allowed to run the way it needs. I get the following error message: http://i.imgur.com/tqWLKBZ.png (the editor bugged out when I attempted to embed the image).

The same error also occurs with other X applications, I tried with gedit. However, when I run a command line application (I tried with nano) it works fine, of course excluding what the program isn't allowed to do.

I'd like to know what I need to do to enable Xepher to do what it needs without allowing Skype any chance to compromise my system, or to gain any information I don't directly put into it. Forcing Skype to run through Tor is an option.

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Álvaro Peña gravatar imageÁlvaro Peña ( 2015-06-15 09:31:54 -0500 )edit