Issues after installed w3af

asked 2015-04-18 15:38:11 -0500

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After I did install the w3af and when try to run ./waf_gui, I got these issues:

Your python installation needs the following modules to run w3af: clamd github pybloomfilter esmre phply stopit nltk chardet tblib pdfminer concurrent.futures ndg pyasn1 lxml scapy.config guess_language cluster msgpack ntlm Halberd darts.lib.utils jinja2 vulndb markdown xdot

After installing any missing operating system packages, use pip to install the remaining modules: sudo python-pip install clamd==1.0.1 PyGithub==1.21.0 pybloomfiltermmap==0.3.11 esmre==0.3.1 phply==0.9.1 stopit==1.1.0 nltk==3.0.1 chardet==2.1.1 tblib==0.2.0 pdfminer==20140328 futures==2.1.5 ndg-httpsclient==0.3.3 pyasn1==0.1.3 lxml==2.3.2 scapy-real==2.2.0-dev guess-language==0.2 cluster==1.1.1b3 msgpack-python==0.4.4 python-ntlm==1.0.1 halberd==0.2.4 darts.util.lru==0.5 Jinja2==2.7.3 vulndb==0.0.17 markdown==2.6.1 xdot==0.6

A script with these commands has been created for you at /tmp/

How I can fix that on Fedora 21 32 bit

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